Service Experience

Our team have over 20-years of service delivery experience working with Medical and Support Services, Doctors, Finance Teams, Government Organizations (Federal and State) and Private Companies, Grant Preparers and Administrators, Funders, Department Leads, Directors and Chief Financial Officers.

Some of the ways we have supported Companies include:

Budgets, Financial Reporting and Managing Grant Allocation

  • Creating and maintaining Fiscal Year Budgets of over $600 million dollars, including personnel salaries, funding relevant information and changes post-award.
  • Overseeing and Reviewing grants from a variety of sources including Federal and State Governmental Departments, providing financial reporting (including grant reports of expenditures).
  • Producing weekly, monthly and quarterly grant budget reports with year-to-date projections, actuals and variance.
  • Creating and reviewing of projected revenue reports and workload projections for accuracy and compliance.
  • Reviewing and approving payments for reimbursement of grants to employees for grant relevant expenses.
  • Tracking, monitoring and reporting all expense activities, ensuring efficiency in operational activities, compliance with budgetary allocations and milestone payments.
  • Responsibility for cross department budget allocation.

Grant Administration Support

  • Providing Post Award administrative support and managing post award expenditure.
  • Fixing end user PeopleSoft Grant Module issues for Grant employees.
  • Utilizing PeopleSoft accounting software (Hyperion) to track, monitor, edit and manage grants across multiple organizational departments.
  • Reviewing monthly ledgers and recommending corrective actions in response to budget variances.
  • Coordinating with cross departmental client departments to ensure cost accounting and revenue collection systems are consistent with the approved budget.
  • Assisting grant preparers with grants and contract applications for submission to National Institute of Health (NIH) and private grant foundations.
  • Analyzing official post-award records in order to make recommendations prepare financial reports and work with grantee to develop budgets for private, federal and National Institute of Health (NIH) grants in contract.

Delivering Training and Creating Resources

  • Creating end user PeopleSoft Grants Module Manuals and delivering employee training for Grants Departments.
  • Creating and maintaining online budget book, revenue manuals

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