Invoicing and Financial Reporting 

  1. Prepares/Monitors account reconciliation of grant or contract expenditures includes accounts receivable and advance payments; monitor overall cash collections, etc. requisitions, Payroll Authorization forms, travel reimbursement requests, Check Request approval, etc.
  2. Prepares/Monitors Cost Transfer/share and Salary Reallocation Processing) Process required cost transfers documentation, including salary reallocations related to sponsor/grantor as appropriate. (Cost share and matching are commitments from sources other than the funding agency to cover certain costs of a project or to provide in-kind services such as use of space or equipment).
  3. Review/Prepares the charts of accounts and procedures for budgeting of sponsor/grantor.
  4. Prepare and submit interim, monthly, weekly, quarterly, reimbursement and final financial reports and issues invoices in a timely manner, as required by sponsors/grantors.
  5. Prepares and provides special reporting to sponsors/grantor as required.
  6. Prepares and submits the final financial report to the sponsor and returns any unspent funds.
  7. Prepares and submits a final equipment report if required by sponsors or grantor.
  8. Prepare and submit Time and Effort Report if required by sponsors/grantors.
  9. Prepares the final inventions report in coordination with the Principal Investigator and provides the information to the sponsor/grantor and grantee.