Assistance with initial award / account setup

The award document is considered an official agreement of the scope of work, the amount the sponsors/grantor/company will provide, and other terms and conditions that governs the project. Some documents need to initiate award/account set up grants/contracts includes:

  • Title or description of the award (e.g., contract, grant, subaward, clinical trial)
  • Type of activity (research, training, other)
  • Budget/project period
  • Variances from period or amount proposed
  • Sponsor general and program-specific terms/conditions
  • Reporting requirements
  • Payment terms
  • Restrictions on use of funds
  • Any compliance restrictions (e.g., human subjects, animal subjects)
  • Award beginning and ending dates
  • Dollar amount of award/contract/endowments
  • The terms of payment, e.g., letter of credit or invoicing
  • Financial invoicing/reporting requirements
  • Cost sharing or matching expectations (if applicable)

Depending on the sponsors/grantors/company other documents may be required based on the awards/contracts.